Ready For Spring

I stepped outside onto my front porch this morning and quickly came to the conclusion that today would not be a shorts day. No matter how much I want it to be spring, we’re not quite there yet. But, I assure you, I am counting down the days. However, the weather has been warmer lately. […]

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Moving On

It can often be difficult to establish what parts of your life or parts of you that should carry over from one part of your life to another. We all pick up habits and preferences along the way. However, what works in your twenties might not work in your thirties and could be holding you […]

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Okay. I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars. Anyone that knows me well will not find that as a surprise at all. My wife is the same. The Star Wars experience is becoming a regular event at our home as we routinely catch the newest releases when they hit the theater. For that matter, […]

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What Are You Feeding Them?

When my daughter was younger (as in two or three), we had no problem getting her to eat healthy food. She was always up for veggies and other healthy options. I remember having a conversation with my wife about how awesome it was that healthy eating seemed to be in her future. Then, she discovered […]

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Teach Them To Lose

Do you have any participation trophies on your bookshelf? You know what I mean right? You were on the team so you received an award. Maybe it’s a soccer medal that would be exceptional if it were not hanging around the necks of every single child in the entire league. See, there is nothing exceptional […]

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