How to love your spouse…

Last week, Elisa and I had a fight. I’m not going to go into the details of the dispute. Needless to say, I was the cause (as usual) and required grace on her part as I learn how to be more the person that she needs me to be. This is an annual thing. About once a year, we get into a spat over something (thankfully, it is never the same thing… progress there.) and it typically takes us about three or four days of not talking to discover that we really don’t like to fight with each other before we reconcile.  Continue reading “How to love your spouse…”


Hard Transitions

When I was 18, my father kicked me out of the house over a dispute in regards to a room being painted and who’s responsibility that it was. At the time, in my youthful stupidity, I was convinced that I was right. While painting the room would be an excellent way for me to contribute, as a legal adult, to the family while I continued to live there for free, my mind was convinced that my father was equally responsible for the room because he refused to work and sponged off of my mother.  Continue reading “Hard Transitions”

Decluttering the Kitchen

Do you ever walk into your kitchen, look around and think to yourself, “I don’t even know where to start with this room?” Do you have more dishes than you can put into your cabinets? Does your kitchen table serve as the drop-off spot for all the things that nobody wants to put away? Are your possessions simply outgrowing the space that you have provided for them? If so, you have come to the right place. Continue reading “Decluttering the Kitchen”

Interpretation of People

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and you walk away from it thinking to yourself, “That person just simply does not get what I am trying to say?” Of course, you do. We have all been in that position. Communication is not an exact science because everyone takes their own assumptions into the conversation. We assume to know what a person is saying before the words even come out of their mouths and walk away confused or angry because of it. However, in the same breath, we will state that we are confused when someone does the same thing to us.  Continue reading “Interpretation of People”

Technology Rules for Children

There is an ongoing conversation, in regards to child rearing, about the amount of technology that a child should have access to and at what age. Everyone is different in those regards as many people allow no access to technology while others start providing their children with cellular devices shortly after they are born. As I am typing this, my six year old son is sitting in the living room playing Halo on the Xbox 360. Some would shrivel up their noses about this while others see no problem in it whatsoever. Ultimately, we all want to find a system, in our homes, that allows our children to succeed in life. Continue reading “Technology Rules for Children”


When you hear the term innovation, what do you think? The word is used so much in today’s society that everyone probably has a different idea of what it means depending on their personal context. It’s a popular word. Companies will use it in their advertising because it sells products. Potential employees will use it on their resumes because it grabs attention. If a product is innovative, then it is cutting edge and ready to change the world. The same can be said for that employee.  Continue reading “Innovation”

Read Your Bible

At this point, I think I have sufficiently covered the importance of continuing on in your education. The only argument that an individual could pose for not continuing to learn is that they simply do not want to or see no value in it. However, for those who are interested in bettering themselves, a daily feeding of the brain is an obvious part of your schedule.  Continue reading “Read Your Bible”

Are we setting them up for failure?

I think that it is natural for a parent to want their children to be successful adults. For that matter, if I were to have a conversation with someone who did not want their children to grow up successfully, I would have some serious doubts about that person’s parenting skills. I would question whether or not that parent truly desires to know their child. I feel like it is pretty much a universal truth that all parents want the best for their children. However, wanting what is best and providing them what is best is not always the same thing. Continue reading “Are we setting them up for failure?”

Do you really know them?

One of the most important things that we can embrace in life is the attempt to understand those who are around us. That is key. We often are more interested in making sure that people understand us but that is actually backward from how we should be. Sure, it’s important that we communicate our thoughts to people. However, it is equally as important that they communicate their thoughts to us. Continue reading “Do you really know them?”