Be An Influencer In Your Home

There have been thousands of men and women throughout the history of humankind who have had a profound impact on the direction that we, as a collective, have taken. Some of these people have led us down darker roads but many had brought us towards the development of a stronger society. While we often focus on the decisions that these individuals have made, we tend to not consider the influences that these people had in their own lives that led them down their paths. Continue reading “Be An Influencer In Your Home”

Get Back Up

My mother and my aunt both play the piano. And, it’s not .just as a hobby or from time to time. Both of them are superb at their craft

Both have given lessons to other people and both of them have played and led the worship services at my hometown church for years, heck, decades now. You get the point. Loads of talent. Continue reading “Get Back Up”

The Pool Hall

It’s always interesting to look back at the path that we have gone on to get where we currently are. Often times, it is not the same road that we thought that we would take. It changes course on us frequently, sometimes by our own design and sometimes because of changes going on around us. Continue reading “The Pool Hall”

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