Chew With Your Mouth Closed

About a year or so ago, I was with my kids at the Patrick Henry Memorial Library in Brookneal, Virginia. We would go up there quite a bit to read and we love the library. Sometimes we would read for fun. Often times, we would read for school. From time to time, we wouldn’t read at all but would play with legos in the playroom instead. However, regardless of the reason we had for being there, one thing remained the same. Continue reading “Chew With Your Mouth Closed”

Make Time For Dates With Your Spouse

One area that I know that I struggle with, as a married adult, is making consistent time for date nights with my wife. When we first got married, we never went out on date nights. Within a couple months of being married, Elisa became pregnant with Sydney. We’ve pretty much had children around us for the entirety of our marriage. Now, this is no excuse really but between working, being a parent and just generally not having a lot of extra cash for the first seven or eight years of our marriage, setting aside time for date nights was not a priority for me. Continue reading “Make Time For Dates With Your Spouse”

From 4 to 5

On August 25th, 2011, our family officially expanded from 3 to 4. In Evansville, IN, on a morning that otherwise probably wasn’t exceptional, my son made his way into this world. Things that I remember about that morning: Sydney was with my parents and would meet us there sometime after Caleb was born; a song by Linkin Park was playing on the radio on the way to the hospital; the staff at Deaconess were incredible in getting us comfortable and settled in the hospital; Scott and Vanessa Kiser would show up to visit us later that afternoon (or maybe the next day). Oh, and one other thing, this would probably be the last time that we would be doing this. Continue reading “From 4 to 5”

Everyone Learns Differently, Part 2

My wife and I made a decision, about 7 or 8 years ago, that we would home school our children. That decision has been met by a myriad of differing opinions (not that it is the business of anyone but us) in regards to this decision. Many people have been in support of this decision, as homeschooling tends to produce a unique type of brain that scores higher on standardized testing (look up the studies in these regards if you don’t believe me).  Others criticized our decision based on their belief that our children would fall behind their peer group or become socially retarded because they grow up in a bubble. Continue reading “Everyone Learns Differently, Part 2”

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