What do you do with your thoughts?

Everyone has a thought, something that they truly believe is important. The problem that faces them is how to get that thought out there for people to start considering. What do you do with it? Do you just tell people about it? I guess that works. That is until they forget what you told them. Or, if you’re like me, maybe you start to forget it a little bit as well. Continue reading “What do you do with your thoughts?”


A Clean House Can Facilitate Confidence

The majority of people have such a problem with clutter that we actually have a particular time of the year that we set aside to get rid of it all.  Maybe we are just too busy to clean as we go. It’s easier to set stuff aside and come back to it later. Maybe your day just gets away from you and you don’t have time. Maybe there is a bit of laziness in us as well. Perhaps you are a misguided male who still believes that it is simply just the woman’s job to do all of the cleanings. Whatever our reasons, we simply do not want to clean it up now if we can put it off for later. Continue reading “A Clean House Can Facilitate Confidence”

Create More Time

I remember a time (about 13 or 14 years ago) when I was having serious questions about whether this family life was ever going to happen for me. Now, I’m eleven years in and I am closer to seeing one of my kids leave the house than I am from the day I brought her home. This morning, as she does every morning, Sydney came over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. Someday soon, I won’t get that anymore. Can any of you relate with that? Continue reading “Create More Time”

Encourage Creativity

When Elisa and I first began house parenting back in 2010, we had a couple of boys who were less than thrilled to be living in a residential care facility. Who can blame them? They’re away from their family. They’re removed from their friends. They’re forced into therapy. There are all of these rules to follow and hoops to jump through. Granted, their decisions often put them in a position to be there but that is neither here nor there in their minds.  Continue reading “Encourage Creativity”

Stop Banking with Wells Fargo


Back in 2007, Elisa and I were new parents and looking to improve the family financial situation over our current employment. When we met, we both worked at Wal Mart. However, we were quickly learning that those two paychecks were not quite going to cut it when it came to taking care of our child and our own needs. Not that Wal Mart isn’t a fantastic place to work. Some of my best workplace memories stem from the time that I spent in the Charleston, IL location. It was just time to move on.  Continue reading “Stop Banking with Wells Fargo”

A Call To Action

I started this blog to give my mother something to keep up with after I moved to Virginia. However, it has evolved a bit as my desire to produce something helpful has begun to stir. This blog has changed from being somewhat of a personal diary to offering parenting tips and life strategies. I hope, as you have made your way through this content, that something here has helped you. That is my goal. Continue reading “A Call To Action”

Feedback isn’t always necessary

In today’s world, everyone has an opinion. Maybe it is about religion. Perhaps politics? Every once in a while someone will chime in about how you raise your children. Heck, this blog itself is packed full of opinions (I happen to feel like they are correct though.) That’s just the way that we are. If we had even the slightest inkling that our opinions were wrong, we would probably keep them inside out of fear of embarrassment. Or would we? Continue reading “Feedback isn’t always necessary”

The Best Return on Your Money

I had a friend once who was so suspicious of the banking system that he wouldn’t even take out a checking account let alone set up any kind of savings. He literally kept all of his cash in a jar at his house. I would criticize him at the time about needing to put his money in the bank but the more I think about it, it wouldn’t really matter. Banks are not going to give you much of a return on your money. You might as well keep it in a jar in your bedroom or a hollowed out stump in your backyard. Continue reading “The Best Return on Your Money”