Discipline Is Good

My son has been pushing some boundaries over the last couple of days and it has me extremely frustrated (I know, who doesn’t experience this). A couple of nights ago, he seemingly was on a mission to destroy my very last nerve. He had been told to take a break from electronics for the night but repeatedly tried to get back on his mother’s laptop to play Roblox. Continue reading “Discipline Is Good”

In Lieu of Insight

I just got back home from taking my kids up to the Weinheimer Center in Highland where a large number of homeschooling families meet on Thursdays.

We get together and let the kids hang out. For those who feel like homeschool families starve their children of any opportunities and, in turn, stunt their emotional and social development, this is an activity to the contrary. Continue reading “In Lieu of Insight”

Slow Down

Do you ever feel like life is moving way too fast? It’s like everything is coming at you so fast that you cannot possibly stay on top of it. At first, it’s manageable. But then, slowly, you begin to feel life overcoming your sanity. You are being buried. Your best-laid plans have backfired on you. Continue reading “Slow Down”

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