The Pool Hall

It’s always interesting to look back at the path that we have gone on to get where we currently are. Often times, it is not the same road that we thought that we would take. It changes course on us frequently, sometimes by our own design and sometimes because of changes going on around us. Continue reading “The Pool Hall”


When I was in seventh grade, my locker was right next to the locker that was used by this kid named Todd. Now, he was a couple years older than I was but had flunked a couple of grades in order to put himself in the position to have a locker next to mine (I’m not serious here, I’m certain that wasn’t the real reason why Todd was two grades behind his peers). Continue reading “Todd”

Working For The Weekend

I’m sitting at home for the first of two days off and it is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. It’s extremely challenging and pays very well.

The hours can get pretty long and I often feel like I spend more time at the mill than I do in my own home. However, for this evening, I’m just relaxing at the house.

Caleb is laying on the couch watching Garfield on Netflix. Sydney is up in her room, most likely watching Youtube videos on her tablet or talking to her cousin, Kennedy.

Mysaiah just got home from his job and I can hear him talking to my wife upstairs. The house is pretty calm, which is exactly how I like it.

Tomorrow morning, if weather permits, we will be making a trip down to Mt. Vernon to meet up with some friends for lunch at Ryan’s. They are former co–workers of ours from Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services in Carmi, IL and Patrick Henry Family Services in Brookneal, VA.

I am so thankful for my days off. I try my hardest not to just sit in front of the tv when I’m home. The temptation is always there. After all, I’ve had a hard week of work. I deserve to kick back and relax, right? Sure. And, my family gives me all the time to relax that I ever need.

But, that’s not really what being a parent is about, is it? See, I don’t love my weekends because it gives me a chance to relax. I love them because it gives me more time with the people that mean the absolute most to me.

It’s great for a person to have a job that they enjoy and that they can put an honest day’s work into. However, that job should be a way to provide for our family. As valuable as that is, it cannot even begin to compare to the time that we get to spend with our families when we are not at work.

Remember that this week while you are at work. You’re working for the weekend.

When that time comes, what will you do with it?

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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