Start Blogging On The Cheap

Blogging for profit has become a pretty decent side hustle these days. Many people have gone out and put together a pretty respectable career in this line of work. Different genres create many different opportunities and a person really can blog about anything while getting a decent financial return on their time. Whether you draw your income solely on your content or you use the content to drive revenue through ads or affiliate marketing, blogging can quickly go from a side hobby to a fulltime job with a little bit of determination and work. Continue reading “Start Blogging On The Cheap”

11 Tips to Make Blogging Easier

I’ve been blogging (less lately) for a few years now. Just like anything else in life, you get from it what you put into it. If you only blog once a month or less, you might as well not even bother. You will only find a handful of people who will read your content and those people are probably discovering your work on accident. In order to keep up a decent reader base, you have to push our regular (or at least semi-regular) content. Continue reading “11 Tips to Make Blogging Easier”

The Struggle is Real

I started this adventure called a blog in March of 2016. For those of you counting, that is approximately 26 months of writing at least twice per week. I took this up as a hobby, mainly as a way to stay connected to family back home once we moved out to Virginia. I have compiled over 400 different pieces of content during that time and have made absolutely zero dollars in the process. Now granted, I haven’t really been blogging for a career so my expectations have been that I would earn just as much as I actually have.  Continue reading “The Struggle is Real”

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