Build Each Other Up

Have you ever been in the store shopping and your child starts throwing a fit in front of everyone? Of course, you have. Every child does it. It is not rooted in whether or not we are good parents. There is something else going on. Your child wants to be his or her own authority. Your … More Build Each Other Up

All Eyes On You

My intentions are always for my children to see an example in how I live my life that gives them something positive to base theirs on. It is not good enough for me to simply tell them how to live. They must also see it. This is the absolute essence of leadership. This is how … More All Eyes On You


Have you ever been shopping and been in line behind someone who’s child is throwing an absolute fit about something that they absolutely have to have at that moment? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Nope, not my child. My child would never throw a fit like that and get away with it?” Your next … More Boundaries