The Early Bird

You know, there’s that old saying, the early bird gets the worm, that people often use to express how productive it is to get up early and start your day before everyone else. It is not exactly that we want the worm necessarily but the lesson there is simple. Get up early, before everyone else, and reap the benefits of a full day’s work. Continue reading “The Early Bird”

Know what you’re worth

Many people will go into a new job willing to take whatever they are offered as their salary simply because they are afraid to negotiate. A fear of the job being rescinded is always there. You have that voice telling you that if you ask for more than what the potential employer is offering, you will be seen as too aggressive and passed over for the opportunity. However, that is usually not the case.¬† Continue reading “Know what you’re worth”

There is more to it than just moving

Back in April of this past year, my family and I loaded up in our 18-year-old Ford Expedition and a U-Haul and began a 650-mile journey across the country from Illinois to Virginia to begin a new chapter in our lives. We worked as house parents at Baptist Children’s Home in Illinois and had been offered a similar position at Patrick Henry Family Services in Virginia. We had housing provided at both locations. Seems like an easy move right? WRONG! Continue reading “There is more to it than just moving”

Now is the right time to start saving

It is suggested that nearly 33% of all individuals who are earning at least six figures in our country have no savings whatsoever. How can this be? How can you make such a large salary and not put a portion of it back? It is understandable that someone riding the poverty line might not be able to put away some of their paychecks for savings. However, those in the $100,000 and up range seem to have the same problem.

Continue reading “Now is the right time to start saving”

What places do you plan to see?

For the past four or five years, Elisa and I have been able to set aside time for at least two vacation / road trips per year. This has been a huge deal for us as neither of us came out of a family that did much traveling. My family would head over to St. Louis every once in a while to visit with my aunts but that was really about it. My senior year, we took a class trip to Orlando, Florida and that was the first time that I had really left Illinois / Missouri in my life. Continue reading “What places do you plan to see?”

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