What if 2018 is Awesome?

I saw a meme a few days ago that had a person getting punched in the face by 2016 and 2017. This person was staring blankly at 2018 as if she was just assuming that the same was going to happen. There was just a preparation for failure that was apparent. But, what if it […]

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Bring a Solution

Everyone has problems. Everyone has something that they want to complain about. Everyone has an issue with something in the world and wishes that it would change. Everyone has something that they defend passionately. However, not everyone offers a solution to the problem. And that …. is a problem itself.

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War of Change

Every person will make frequent changes over the course of their lives, hopefully for the better of both themselves and their social surroundings. This is the way of life. We learn and we change to adapt to our surroundings and then we affect our surroundings based upon the changes that we make. This, in turn, […]

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Start Winning

What are you passionate about and to what lengths would you go to experience those things? For years, I worked in a variety of jobs out of necessity, not really doing anything that I enjoyed but merely surviving. I had to have a job if I wanted to have a home. I needed to have […]

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A healthier me…. and you.

I have had so many moments in my life (many of them after I got married) where I have decided that I was going to make some changes that I have lost count. Change can be a good thing right? As long as it is a change that is beneficial. Why, then, is it so […]

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