If You’re A Selfish Person, Don’t Have Kids

After eight years of working in residential care, my wife and I chose to step away and take a shot at normality for our family this past summer. Three months into our new journey and I must say that it was the right decision to make for our family. However, despite the change of careers, our heart still breaks for children. I see kids that are struggling in life and I want to step in and fix them (or attempt to). It’s second nature at this point.  Continue reading “If You’re A Selfish Person, Don’t Have Kids”

Everyone Learns Differently

This post is not anti-school system. I want to throw that out there first thing. Yes, my wife and I home school our children. However, we are not fundamentally against the public school system. We just do not use it. We have always been in an excellent position to educate them at home and chose to do so. Anyways, with that out of the way, we can move on to the purpose of the post.  Continue reading “Everyone Learns Differently”

A Momma Bear’s Tale

By Elisa Strange

I hadn’t been real pleased with the Brookneal Baseball League this year. I signed Caleb up in February, & didn’t hear anything until mid-April. I messaged their Facebook group page & our phone number (which has never been changed from our IL area code) was incorrectly relayed to the coach with this area’s code. This was sad because I always make it a point to write my contact info very neatly on forms & such. Continue reading “A Momma Bear’s Tale”

Adventures in Parenting – Travis & Becky Ennis

Adventures in Parenting takes us into the life of an individual or couple who are currently (or have been) parents in order to get an idea of how they navigate their way through the process of raising up their children. So, here’s how this works. This week’s guests are Travis & Becky Ennis. I have provided them with a list of 25 or so questions of which they were instructed to choose five. This will serve as an interview of sorts with the conversation being, for the most part, of their choosing. Continue reading “Adventures in Parenting – Travis & Becky Ennis”

Teach Them To Lose

Do you have any participation trophies on your bookshelf? You know what I mean right? You were on the team so you received an award. Maybe it’s a soccer medal that would be exceptional if it were not hanging around the necks of every single child in the entire league. See, there is nothing exceptional about receiving something that has been made to be ordinary.  Continue reading “Teach Them To Lose”

Technology Rules for Children

There is an ongoing conversation, in regards to child rearing, about the amount of technology that a child should have access to and at what age. Everyone is different in those regards as many people allow no access to technology while others start providing their children with cellular devices shortly after they are born. As I am typing this, my six year old son is sitting in the living room playing Halo on the Xbox 360. Some would shrivel up their noses about this while others see no problem in it whatsoever. Ultimately, we all want to find a system, in our homes, that allows our children to succeed in life. Continue reading “Technology Rules for Children”

Are we setting them up for failure?

I think that it is natural for a parent to want their children to be successful adults. For that matter, if I were to have a conversation with someone who did not want their children to grow up successfully, I would have some serious doubts about that person’s parenting skills. I would question whether or not that parent truly desires to know their child. I feel like it is pretty much a universal truth that all parents want the best for their children. However, wanting what is best and providing them what is best is not always the same thing. Continue reading “Are we setting them up for failure?”

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