What Are You Feeding Them?

When my daughter was younger (as in two or three), we had no problem getting her to eat healthy food. She was always up for veggies and other healthy options. I remember having a conversation with my wife about how awesome it was that healthy eating seemed to be in her future. Then, she discovered […]

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Teach Them To Lose

Do you have any participation trophies on your bookshelf? You know what I mean right? You were on the team so you received an award. Maybe it’s a soccer medal that would be exceptional if it were not hanging around the necks of every single child in the entire league. See, there is nothing exceptional […]

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Build a Bridge

When someone is hurting, they will do nearly anything that it takes to release the pain that is going on inside of them. This is especially true when that person is hurting emotionally. What is odd about this is that an individual will lash out against those who are best equipped to help them. This […]

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Don’t Break Your Kids

We can find all kinds of ways to mess up our children without really putting much effort into it. I don’t say that to scare anyone, but it is true. Now, I am not talking about physically breaking them, though you definitely should not do that. And, you will find that they will do a […]

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