A Clean House Can Facilitate Confidence

The majority of people have such a problem with clutter that we actually have a particular time of the year that we set aside to get rid of it all.  Maybe we are just too busy to clean as we go. It’s easier to set stuff aside and come back to it later. Maybe your day just gets away from you and you don’t have time. Maybe there is a bit of laziness in us as well. Perhaps you are a misguided male who still believes that it is simply just the woman’s job to do all of the cleanings. Whatever our reasons, we simply do not want to clean it up now if we can put it off for later. Continue reading “A Clean House Can Facilitate Confidence”

Time To Clean Again

If you are anything like me, you spend a significant portion of your day sitting behind your desk. It might be at work. Maybe you are in your home office. Perhaps you are a pastor of a church or a college professor. Many of us have a workspace that houses a computer and a phone (which would be your essentials) among a plethora of items that neither belong there or add any productivity to your work day whatsoever. Continue reading “Time To Clean Again”

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