Dos Covers

I am a huge fan of music. I feel like music is the great motivator of people. Think about it. How frequently do you find yourself excited about doing things you would not typically do as long as you have music playing? Exercise immediately comes to mind. I am much more likely to get out and exercise in the mornings if I have some music playing than if it is quiet. Continue reading “Dos Covers”

Another favorite cover of mine

So, I have shared my borderline obsession with cover songs in previous posts but I just cannot stop. Here is another favorite of mine. It’s by a band that most people will not be familiar with but was a favorite of mine for years. They played live at the Warehouse in Charleston, IL on my birthday one year which was about a block from my house. That was probably one of my favorite live shows of all time. Continue reading “Another favorite cover of mine”

Those 25 covers….

First off, I am a huge fan of music. Now, not just one genre of music but music in general. I can listen to country (sometimes). I can listen to rap. Sometimes I will even get Mozart going on youtube and relax to it. I also love incredibly hard rock. I love when the lead singer takes the mic and just screams into it. Just beneath the surface of me is this guy who wishes that I was on that stage myself.  Continue reading “Those 25 covers….”

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