12 Resources To Improve Your Writing

Being able to sit down and write at a high volume while producing a product that is both entertaining and full of quality content is an incredibly difficult task.

For the most part, this requires a combination of time, dedication, a solid grasp of the English (or whatever language you are using) language, and a creative mind that is capable of expanding its boundaries and pushing past limitations. Continue reading “12 Resources To Improve Your Writing”

Everyone Learns Differently, Part 2

My wife and I made a decision, about 7 or 8 years ago, that we would home school our children. That decision has been met by a myriad of differing opinions (not that it is the business of anyone but us) in regards to this decision. Many people have been in support of this decision, as homeschooling tends to produce a unique type of brain that scores higher on standardized testing (look up the studies in these regards if you don’t believe me).  Others criticized our decision based on their belief that our children would fall behind their peer group or become socially retarded because they grow up in a bubble. Continue reading “Everyone Learns Differently, Part 2”

Improve Your IQ, Focus and Creativity

I had an interview for a job this morning that I think went fairly well. I have already received an invitation for a second interview and will be moving forward with that soon. However, that is not really the point of today. What I wanted to get at here was something that come up during the interview. The lady who was conducting the interview made a comment about the need for continuous education and that got me thinking about the steps that we take (or might not take) to continue to develop our brains as we age.

Learn Some New Skills

A person should never stop learning. Our education should be a lifelong adventure. Sure, I get it. You finish up 12 years of lower education and push yourself through 4 to 8 years of college. You’re ready to quit learning. You feel like you have more information packed into your head than you might ever possibly be able to use. At this point, you are ready to just sit back and attempt to put what you have already learned to use.  Continue reading “Learn Some New Skills”

The 3 Characteristics of an Educated Man

I have made it no secret how I feel about the importance of an educated mind. In today’s society, it is incredibly difficult to get ahead of the crowd without one. Now, that’s not to say that a person without a college degree cannot get ahead. That is definitely not the case as many people have proven. This is also not to say that a college degree is an indicator of an educated mind. There are plenty of people who float through college and accomplish little mental growth.  Continue reading “The 3 Characteristics of an Educated Man”

10 Great Math Apps for Ages 5-8

My wife and I homeschool our children. Well, actually, my wife homeschools our children and I help out from time to time. However, regardless of the teaching arrangement, my children are both receiving an education that is centered on our home instead of the public school system. Now, we do not necessarily have anything against public school. We just have a perfect situation that allows us both to be home all day with our kids. Continue reading “10 Great Math Apps for Ages 5-8”

Are we setting them up for failure?

I think that it is natural for a parent to want their children to be successful adults. For that matter, if I were to have a conversation with someone who did not want their children to grow up successfully, I would have some serious doubts about that person’s parenting skills. I would question whether or not that parent truly desires to know their child. I feel like it is pretty much a universal truth that all parents want the best for their children. However, wanting what is best and providing them what is best is not always the same thing. Continue reading “Are we setting them up for failure?”

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