12 Resources To Improve Your Writing

Being able to sit down and write at a high volume while producing a product that is both entertaining and full of quality content is an incredibly difficult task.

For the most part, this requires a combination of time, dedication, a solid grasp of the English (or whatever language you are using) language, and a creative mind that is capable of expanding its boundaries and pushing past limitations. Continue reading “12 Resources To Improve Your Writing”

Get Paid For Writing And Blogging

Sometime towards the end of March in 2016, I began a journey of discovery. Having always had the desire to write and present something that might be of use to someone other than myself, I signed up for my WordPress account and started writing for This Strange Life. At first, it was just a hobby blog. I really just wanted to engage with my creative side as well as give my mom something to keep up with after my family moved to Virginia.  Continue reading “Get Paid For Writing And Blogging”

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