Why Drink Vinegar

Listen. I am the guy who will try just about anything (food wise) at least once. I am pretty adventurous and like to be able to claim that I have eaten a few off the wall things that most people might not be willing to try. When I was in school, my mother would send me a can of sardines in my lunchbox and I would, to the disgust of my classmates, chow down on them over lunch.  Continue reading “Why Drink Vinegar”

Fat Daddy Has Got To Go

I don’t like being a liar. It makes me feel bad and is probably not good for the relationships that I try to maintain. Yet, there it is. Sometimes I tell lies. Now, before everyone starts making assumptions about the kind of person that I am, let me explain. I do not deliberately lie to people. However, when you tell someone that you will do something or be a certain way and you do not follow through, that’s pretty much what it is right? Continue reading “Fat Daddy Has Got To Go”

Not All Change Is Easy

Some changes come easy for me. The decision to move was an easy change to make because I wanted to move. The decision to have children (though I was still a little reluctant about the timing) was an easy one to make because I have always wanted to have a family. The decision to marry Elisa was a no-brainer. Spend five minutes around her and you will understand completely. Continue reading “Not All Change Is Easy”

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