Discipline Is Good

My son has been pushing some boundaries over the last couple of days and it has me extremely frustrated (I know, who doesn’t experience this). A couple of nights ago, he seemingly was on a mission to destroy my very last nerve. He had been told to take a break from electronics for the night but repeatedly tried to get back on his mother’s laptop to play Roblox. Continue reading “Discipline Is Good”

Build a Bridge

When someone is hurting, they will do nearly anything that it takes to release the pain that is going on inside of them. This is especially true when that person is hurting emotionally. What is odd about this is that an individual will lash out against those who are best equipped to help them. This is typically due to the fact that those individuals are closest to the situation.  Continue reading “Build a Bridge”

Teach Your Children about Money

We all want out children to grow up to be responsible adults. Or, at least we should want that for our children. I suppose there are parents out there who simply do not care how their children turn out. I have written a book to help us all to not be those people but, it is bound to happen from time to time. However, I am confident that, for the most part, we all want our children to grow up well. Continue reading “Teach Your Children about Money”

Build a Road To Get You Where You Are Going

Do you ever have a good idea? You know, something that formed in the back of your brain and wouldn’t lay still. It worked and grew until it sat in the forefront of your mind and demanded your attention. This idea was not just for you. It was meant to benefit others as well.

You know what I mean right? Something could be done to help another individual improve in life and it was right there in your mind. The details are there, the process (though a little muddy) was obvious. All that remained was a little bit of planning to put it all together. Continue reading “Build a Road To Get You Where You Are Going”

Our Emotions Will Fail Us

I feel really down today.

Like, I didn’t even want to get out of bed and go to church this morning. I don’t know if it’s the weather (currently rainy), or me…. or maybe both. Whatever the case, I am really struggling to be present today. Some things, in life, haven’t been lining up exactly as I planned lately, and that could be part of it. Who knows?

My mindset today is one of counting down the minutes until I can go back to bed. Continue reading “Our Emotions Will Fail Us”

Don’t Stand Down

I am about a week away from releasing my first e-book and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been working on this, off and on, since the first part of the year and it is finally done. “What is this book that you speak of”, you might ask? It’s a parenting model called How To Raise Your Kids Without Ruining Them. In this book, we will be taking a look at all of the small mistakes (or at least ten of them) that we make when it comes to raising our children. One of the biggies is simply giving in on discipline. Your children are going to challenge you constantly with the rules that you establish. Do not back down on this. This is super important. Continue reading “Don’t Stand Down”

Stop and listen

Dr. James Dobson tells us that, “the amount of live language directed to a child (not to be confused with television, radio, or overheard conversations) is vital to her development of fundamental linguistic, intellectual, and social skills.” (The New Strong-Willed Child, 96) This quote was in regards to fourteen-month-old children. However, this need never goes away. From an extremely early age, our kids need us to pay close attention to them. They need us to listen to what they have to say. Continue reading “Stop and listen”

9 Ways To Mold Those Brains

How much attention are we paying to the development of our children’s minds? It is important that we start properly molding those minds as early as we can. We all want our children to be successful as they get older. We all want them to get a good education and a solid job. However, college is pretty stinking hard. What are some steps that we can be taking now, to mold those brains so that they are more prepared for their education when that day comes? Continue reading “9 Ways To Mold Those Brains”

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