Love Always Works

There are a lot of different ways that a person can choose to live their life. There is a myriad of systems that we can put in place in our lives to govern who we are and what we become. Systems, structures, choices, boundaries…. whatever you choose to call them. We all have something that governs our decisions in life. They influence our habits and in turn will also influence those around us, in particular, our children. Continue reading “Love Always Works”

10 Lessons from A Legend

I love to write. I’m not very good at it but I absolutely love it. I started blogging a few years ago in an attempt to stretch a part of myself that I felt like could be better but had not really ever put much into. The results might vary. One person has gone so far as to tell me that nobody reads my blog. Others say that they thoroughly enjoy it on a regular basis. Continue reading “10 Lessons from A Legend”

Getting To Know LinkedIn

It seems like everyone is on social media these days. I remember when I first signed up for my Facebook account. At that point Facebook was still just for college students. It was rare to see anyone networking through Facebook that was not enrolled in some university or college somewhere. For that matter, if my memory serves me correctly, there was a point where you needed enrollment credentials in order to register for Facebook.  Continue reading “Getting To Know LinkedIn”

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