Learn Some New Skills

A person should never stop learning. Our education should be a lifelong adventure. Sure, I get it. You finish up 12 years of lower education and push yourself through 4 to 8 years of college. You’re ready to quit learning. You feel like you have more information packed into your head than you might ever possibly be able to use. At this point, you are ready to just sit back and attempt to put what you have already learned to use.  Continue reading “Learn Some New Skills”

The Strangest Secret

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what the secret to success is?” Of course, you have. Everyone has at some point in time or another. Maybe those exact words weren’t in your brain but some variation of it definitely has come up. How can I get ahead? How can I make this thing work? How can I win at life? These questions are all variations of this question. Continue reading “The Strangest Secret”

10 Powerful Life-Altering Things You Need to Do Alone

I have spent the last decade (nearly) of my life working alongside my wife in a group home facility. Because of this, we rarely ever have time away from each other. We work, live and sleep in the exact same place and we love it. Today, Elisa is taking Sydney to Lynchburg for a Girl’s Day’ Out which will be the longest that we have been apart from each other in well over a month.  Continue reading “10 Powerful Life-Altering Things You Need to Do Alone”

Why do we give up?

Why do people give up on their dreams? What is it that causes a person who, as a young individual who had goals and a passion for them, to simply give up and stop pursuing them?

My personal opinion, I think most people have become content with what they have. Routine has settled in and they have convinced themselves that where they are is simply good enough. Another opinion of mine is that this mindset will cause doubts to creep into a person’s mind about how productive their life is. These two things work against each other regularly and one, or both, must go.

I am a huge fan of routine. I like to know what I am going to be doing on each given day. Don’t mess with that. Don’t change my schedule. It makes me cranky and hard to live with. It is comforting to have a plan that I can rely on. However, life is strange. It’s very fragile and it will change on you when you are least expecting it. We have to be ready and willing to pick up and go when it’s necessary.

I think another reason that people give up is that they do not know how to deal with the consequences of their actions. We have to own our decisions. If you get fired from your job because of something you did, own it. If you broke a law and have to pay a fine, own it. If there is something going on in your current relationship, figure out the solution.

Life has gotten in the way. We have become distracted. Something else, or perhaps many somethings, have begun lining up ahead of this one thing in regards to our priorities in life. We have definitely allowed ourselves to take a different direction in life. We started out pursuing this one thing but have wandered down a different road.

Somewhere, along the way to whatever goal we had in front of us, we got lost. We ended up on the wrong road. And, in doing so, we gave up pursuing the dream. Listen, everyone has problems. Everyone has something that they want to complain about. Everyone has an issue with something in the world and wishes that it would change. Everyone has something that they defend passionately. We all have taken a road that led us far from where we thought we should be in life. However, that does not give us a license to stop trying.

Take a few minutes today to realign yourself with your passion. Sit down with a notebook. What was it that used to get you up out of bed every morning? What was the one thing that kept you awake at night? What one goal would be more fulfilling than any other?

Find your way back there.

Life is Strange.

Live it Well.

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