Moving On

It can often be difficult to establish what parts of your life or parts of you that should carry over from one part of your life to another. We all pick up habits and preferences along the way. However, what works in your twenties might not work in your thirties and could be holding you […]

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The Strangest Secret

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what the secret to success is?” Of course, you have. Everyone has at some point in time or another. Maybe those exact words weren’t in your brain but some variation of it definitely has come up. How can I get ahead? How can I make this thing […]

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When the pain is good

I woke up this morning to the sensation of pain in both of my legs. It wasn’t nearly as intense as when I went to bed, but it still hurt regardless. I tried to go back to sleep but instead just laid in bed. I finally propped myself up on the edge of the bed, […]

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Creating your life goals

Everybody has a decent idea of what they are going to do tomorrow. That’s not too far down the road for life circumstances to change. Tomorrow is less than 24 hours away at this point. You can sort of pinpoint what it’s going to look like. It’s currently snowing outside which means that tomorrow, at […]

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Fat Daddy Has Got To Go

I don’t like being a liar. It makes me feel bad and is probably not good for the relationships that I try to maintain. Yet, there it is. Sometimes I tell lies. Now, before everyone starts making assumptions about the kind of person that I am, let me explain. I do not deliberately lie to […]

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What if 2018 is Awesome?

I saw a meme a few days ago that had a person getting punched in the face by 2016 and 2017. This person was staring blankly at 2018 as if she was just assuming that the same was going to happen. There was just a preparation for failure that was apparent. But, what if it […]

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