Start Winning

What are you passionate about and to what lengths would you go to experience those things? For years, I worked in a variety of jobs out of necessity, not really doing anything that I enjoyed but merely surviving. I had to have a job if I wanted to have a home. I needed to have a job if I intended to continue to have a legally licensed vehicle. The jobs weren’t terrible. I worked at McDonald’s flipping burgers. I made headlights at North American Lighting. I put together Oprah magazine at R&R Donnelly’s. I worked in the dairy department for Wal-Mart and even drove a fork truck for Coca Cola for a few months.

Those jobs were fine. They paid the bills. I definitely was not passionate about them. Continue reading “Start Winning”


Your Personal Vision Statement

Future life improvement is something that we should all desire and, I feel, most people truly do, even if it is in small, baby steps. Going back to school for my graduate work was a step for me this past year. However, as it is stated in this article, you do not have to go back to school to continue your education. What am I going to do differently next year in order to improve myself? What am I going to do differently in order to prepare myself a little better for whatever is next in life? Continue reading “Your Personal Vision Statement”

3 Steps to Investing for Beginners

Every time I log into Facebook, I see posts by family or friends stating their desire to get ahead in life and get their finances in order. And, that is for good reason as most of these people live in Illinois currently and the financial picture there is pretty bleak. However, this desire to get out of the mud financially is not limited to Illinoisians. Every body wants to put a little bit of cushion between their debt and their next paycheck.  Continue reading “3 Steps to Investing for Beginners”

A Recap on Those Cover Songs

One thing that I really enjoy in music is when a band or artist pays tribute to another one with a cover song. My daughter and I went to a concert at the Vine Center in Lynchburg last November and got a chance to see The Welshly Arms perform. I picked up their cd after the show only to find out that they do a cover of one of my favorite songs of all time. Continue reading “A Recap on Those Cover Songs”

Resist the Urgent

Do you ever feel like you struggle to get things accomplished? You have this ever-growing list of things that you cannot seem to get on top of no matter how hard you try. You start out with good intentions to get these things accomplished but you end up pushing them to the bottom of your schedule every single day and they never get done. Maybe you don’t even start on them.  Continue reading “Resist the Urgent”

9 Struggles for Adult Children of Alcoholics

It is a universally understood truth that each person on the planet does not live in a vacuum. Every decision that you make has a ripple effect that impacts a plethora of people over a long stretch of time. Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic as many of our decisions probably do not affect anyone other than the individual. However, you get the point. We must be careful about the decisions that we make because we cannot be sure what long term effects they will have on those around us. Continue reading “9 Struggles for Adult Children of Alcoholics”

Get Help

In the line of work that my wife and I do (we are house parents at a group home facility), we see many children that are falling through the cracks in life. In eight years as house parents, we have housed over seventy kids for reasons that vary from neglect to truancy to abuse. Not every parent that has brought their kids to us have been neglectful. Many of them are wonderful parents who have just lost control of their homes and are looking for help. Continue reading “Get Help”

Top 9 weirdest things to eat

One thing that I will never forget about my dad is his affection for weird foods. He would sit and eat jalapeno peppers by themselves and a jar at a time. He loved things like animal brains and testicles. If you pickled it, he would eat it (eggs, feet, sausage). Continue reading “Top 9 weirdest things to eat”

The Early Bird

You know, there’s that old saying, the early bird gets the worm, that people often use to express how productive it is to get up early and start your day before everyone else. It is not exactly that we want the worm necessarily but the lesson there is simple. Get up early, before everyone else, and reap the benefits of a full day’s work. Continue reading “The Early Bird”

7 Ways to Improve Your Finances

I am always looking for a few ways to cut corners and put a few more dollars in my wallet. I think you do as well. That’s why we connect so well. We all want to live a little more comfortably. The key is always found in taking the steps necessary to get there. So, when I find an article that I think might help you out, I always try to get it into your hands. This one fell across my screen yesterday while I was on the way to St. Louis (I wasn’t driving at the time) and I thought it would be helpful. Continue reading “7 Ways to Improve Your Finances”