Finish what you start

One of our goals in life should be to maximize the amount of free time that we have with our families. While being employed is extremely important and necessary for sustaining and adult life and family, it means very little if it is consuming your time and leaving you with little enjoyment. With that said, we should all be looking for more opportunities to do new things with those that we love. There will always be time to work but your kids will only be kids for a little while. Continue reading “Finish what you start”

Are we ethical?

From government interactions to corporate decisions to the individual choices that we make in our own homes, ethical decisions are at the forefront of our mind. What is right to do, to say, and to feel is important, not only for you but for everyone. It is not just about being “politically correct”. What is more important is the results of how we live out our lives. Continue reading “Are we ethical?”

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