When I was in seventh grade, my locker was right next to the locker that was used by this kid named Todd. Now, he was a couple years older than I was but had flunked a couple of grades in order to put himself in the position to have a locker next to mine (I’m not serious here, I’m certain that wasn’t the real reason why Todd was two grades behind his peers). Continue reading “Todd”

Listen to what they are saying

It is so important to be actively engaged with your children. I get it. Sometimes you want your kids to shut up and give you some space to think. Sometimes we even justify this by talking about how hard of a day we have had or how badly your child needs to learn to entertain themselves. I tell myself these very same things all the time. Then, about an hour or so later, I remind myself of how bad this approach is for my children who need to have someone listen to them. Continue reading “Listen to what they are saying”

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