A few nights ago, at work, I was having a conversation with a couple of the guys about finances. We were discussing the tendencies that people have to spend their money before they actually earn it. What I mean by that is, many people live their lives in debt. Their income would tell them to spend one way but their desires and spending habits push them well beyond that. My co-worker said, “the key to financial happiness is to simply live within your means.” Simply put, if you never spend more money than you actually make, you’ll always have extra. Continue reading “20%”

Protect Your Future

Saving money seems like such an easy thing. Every child has a piggy bank. Parents have savings accounts for the children. Many people begin teaching their kids to save money at an early age as a way to prepare them for adulthood. Though studies have shown that traditional savings accounts are not always the best way to go when building towards the future, it still is a good way to teach children about the benefits of compound interest and not spending more than you make. Continue reading “Protect Your Future”

Save Some Pennies

We all enjoy eating out, right? Whether it’s a run through some fast food joint or a nice sit down meal at a fancier restaurant, we eat it up (intentional, yet unclever pun). My daughter, in particular, loves to go to Mexican restaurants. She doesn’t even want to eat anything off their menu. She just wants the chips and salsa. We typically end up paying for chicken strips or something like that for her though she rarely ends up eating them.  Continue reading “Save Some Pennies”

Ranking The Best Passive Income Investments

We spend a decent amount of time discussing finances on this site. I feel like getting a handle on your finances is one of the first steps that a couple should take in creating stability for their family and should be considered at the front end of a marriage. However, this conversation needs to be revisited from time to time as new obstacles come along. Increases in pay or a new career are often the go-to answer in regards to how we create more financial flexibility, but that is not the only way. Continue reading “Ranking The Best Passive Income Investments”

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