The Pool Hall

It’s always interesting to look back at the path that we have gone on to get where we currently are. Often times, it is not the same road that we thought that we would take. It changes course on us frequently, sometimes by our own design and sometimes because of changes going on around us. Continue reading “The Pool Hall”

War of Change

Every person will make frequent changes over the course of their lives, hopefully for the better of both themselves and their social surroundings. This is the way of life. We learn and we change to adapt to our surroundings and then we affect our surroundings based upon the changes that we make. This, in turn, becomes the catalyst for someone else’s change and the process goes on forever. People changing people changing people.  Continue reading “War of Change”


When you hear the term innovation, what do you think? The word is used so much in today’s society that everyone probably has a different idea of what it means depending on their personal context. It’s a popular word. Companies will use it in their advertising because it sells products. Potential employees will use it on their resumes because it grabs attention. If a product is innovative, then it is cutting edge and ready to change the world. The same can be said for that employee.  Continue reading “Innovation”

Find A Balance

It was shortly after we were married that I handed our finances over to Elisa. Hold on a second, you might say, what about being the man of the house and running your own ship? Well, I brought a bunch of negative debt into our marriage and all she had was some school loans. It was a no-brainer. Now, that doesn’t mean that I liked the idea. Nobody likes to give up control. However, it was a necessary move and one that paid off spectacularly. Elisa has kept us out of debt for over a decade now. Continue reading “Find A Balance”

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