Ocracoke Island

Two years ago today, I was lying on one of the beaches of Ocracoke Island, my feet planted firmly in the sand as the waves of the ocean rippled around them. The sun shining down on my face provided a feeling of satisfaction that cannot often be matched. I was made for the ocean. There really is nothing else like it. Today, I am sitting in my kitchen, attempting to draw my mind back to that day. Two years later, the memory is still there, if mainly propped up by the pictures that we took that day. Continue reading “Ocracoke Island”

o4/30/16 – Random Virginia Road Trip #2

Okay. I wrote about my family and I’s road trip from last week and I hope you all got to see the pictures that we took from the Staunton River Battlefield Memorial Site. That was definately a neat trip.

This time around, we headed south towards North Carolina. I was on duty to work on Saturday so the three boys who were home with me got to tag along. Here’s the breakdown of our trip.

Stop #1: Lester’s Food Market outside of Brookneal, VA


Continue reading “o4/30/16 – Random Virginia Road Trip #2”

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