No means No

I tell my kids no all the time. If we’re at Wal-Mart and they are asking for toys. No. If we are at the grocery store and they are asking for candy. No. If it’s bedtime and they are asking to stay up and watch a little more television. No. No. No. No. Continue reading “No means No”


Draw a line somewhere

I am not saying that we should view our children as nothing more than our subordinates that we boss around all the time. However, in order for our children to develop into responsible adults (that should be every parent’s goal), we have to maintain a decent amount of authority over them. Attempting to be their “best friend” throws all of that out the window. Continue reading “Draw a line somewhere”

How To Raise Kids Without Ruining Them

A few months ago, I began writing a book that delves into the mistakes that we often make in parenting that can become huge if they are not handled correctly. I think you probably know what I’m talking about. This is not a book about child abuse and sexual misconduct. It is more along the lines of boundary issues and building trust.  Continue reading “How To Raise Kids Without Ruining Them”