Don’t Let The Internet Get You Behind

I remember a time when there was no internet. I know, that’s not really that impressive. Most of you remember that time. It’s just that, it seems like the internet has always been with us (and I suppose it was in some secret government form) but in all reality, our reliance on the world wide web is fairly new. Yet, here we are, moving along in a world that has most of us addicted to our devices. Continue reading “Don’t Let The Internet Get You Behind”

Be consistent

If there is one thing that I have learned from working in group homes over the last seven years, it is that children need consistency. This idea is the same in all areas of the child’s development but especially in regards to discipline. Your child will condition itself to follow whatever rules you put in place. When those rules are only sporadically enforced, it can create much confusion in your child. Continue reading “Be consistent”

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