Chew With Your Mouth Closed

About a year or so ago, I was with my kids at the Patrick Henry Memorial Library in Brookneal, Virginia. We would go up there quite a bit to read and we love the library. Sometimes we would read for fun. Often times, we would read for school. From time to time, we wouldn’t read at all but would play with legos in the playroom instead. However, regardless of the reason we had for being there, one thing remained the same. Continue reading “Chew With Your Mouth Closed”

36 Books Every Man Should Read

One thing that I have learned over time…

The more a person reads, the stronger their brain becomes. I know right…. not a new idea. Everyone knows this already. This is why we are encouraged to read as a child. This is one of the primary purposes of each town’s public library. It creates a vast collection of literary resources for the continual development of the adult brain. However, how many of us actually take advantage of this resource. Continue reading “36 Books Every Man Should Read”

Stretch Your Mind

I read somewhere once (don’t remember where) that a person’s mind works like a muscle. It will only grow and expand (intellectually, not physically) as long as you work it out. In much the same way as our muscles need to be stretched beyond their normal state in order to grow, our brain must also be stretched. The logical way to do this is by engaging the mind through reading and study. However, in order to truly grow intellectually, we have to tailor our study to include things that we would not typically read. Continue reading “Stretch Your Mind”

The one where the kids got smarter

One thing that has always impressed me about my wife is the amount of time that she spends working with our kids. She literally spends hours every day on things that range from absolutely necessary (we home school and they have to learn) to unnecessary but very admirable (playing with Syd’s dolls). I don’t think I have hidden the fact that I think my wife is absolutely amazing and any of you who know here will definitely agree with me on this point. Continue reading “The one where the kids got smarter”

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