10 Powerful Life-Altering Things You Need to Do Alone

I have spent the last decade (nearly) of my life working alongside my wife in a group home facility. Because of this, we rarely ever have time away from each other. We work, live and sleep in the exact same place and we love it. Today, Elisa is taking Sydney to Lynchburg for a Girl’s Day’ Out which will be the longest that we have been apart from each other in well over a month.  Continue reading “10 Powerful Life-Altering Things You Need to Do Alone”

Everything Has A Place

Every night, as I wind down from cottage activity and begin to get ready for bed, I go through a bit of a ritual. Just inside my apartment, I have a little shelf where I start unpacking the contents of my pockets. My wallet has a place where it belongs. Any loose change that I accumulated (I am the guy who will pick up a penny out of the grocery store parking lot) goes into a little bowl on the shelf. My keys go on a hook nearby. Everything has a place where it belongs and everything ends up in its place.  Continue reading “Everything Has A Place”

Madison Mansion

In April of 2005, I was single (nothing wrong with that) with no prospects of a relationship on the horizon, let alone marriage. I had a job that I enjoyed but was making very little money, so I had been living with six other guys in this house in Charleston, IL. We referred to our home as Madison Mansion, though it was far from that. None of us ever cleaned, the back door was typically standing wide open (even at night) and one of the guys used the downstairs bathroom sink to clean his motorcycle parts. The basement was full of asbestos and one of my roommates kept pet rats inside of an old hollowed out television case. Continue reading “Madison Mansion”

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