1 Billion Seconds

Somewhere between the ages of 31 and 32 (towards the back half), every individual will log their 1 billionth second of existence outside of their mother’s womb. I threw that last bit in there as there will always be that one dude who points out that existence begins prior to birth (I do agree with him). And, having logged 1 billion seconds of existence, you ought to have a decent idea of what you are and are not in this life. Continue reading “1 Billion Seconds”

Improve your chances

Hey. Yesterday, I wrote about an article that I stumbled across on lifehacker.com and how it encouraged me to make a strong move career-wise by going back to school. I wanted to build on that today by looking at another article that I have discovered at thesimpledollar.com that deals with marketable skills for the workplace.

This article deals with a handful (10 to be exact) of different skill sets that a person can learn and add to their wealth of knowledge. However, these particular skills also increase a person’s marketability and chances of getting that dream job.  Continue reading “Improve your chances”

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