Have you ever been shopping and been in line behind someone who’s child is throwing an absolute fit about something that they absolutely have to have at that moment? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Nope, not my child. My child would never throw a fit like that and get away with it?” Your next thought is probably something along the line of, “Why doesn’t that parent get the child under control?” And, as soon as that thought enters your mind, you see the parent reach down and get whatever the child was freaking out about simply so that they would quiet down. Continue reading “Boundaries”

How people will behave

I made a trip to Lynchburg with one of the boys in my house last night to just hang out for a while and I left it completely up to him as to where we would go. Should be fun. Knowing the resident, I anticipated a restaurant and the mall. He did not disappoint. We ate at Golden Corral and then went to the mall to do a little shopping. His third choice for the night came as a bit of a surprise. Continue reading “How people will behave”

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