Calm Down, Again

How many times, over the past year or so, has something happened to you that seemed like it could have been the end of the world? Okay, let’s go back over the past 5 years? Perhaps a decade? You can probably track down something that fits in this category. A weird turn in life leaves you wondering what will happen next. Logically, you can adjust and keep on going. Continue reading “Calm Down, Again”

Cool Your Jets

Do you ever feel like you are standing right on the edge of breaking down? It’s like, one more negative comment will be enough to push you over. The kids just need to fight with each other one more time and you are going to lose it. One more call from the collection agency and you are just going to give up. Every night, when you go to bed, you think to yourself, “It has to be better tomorrow.” Hey, you are not alone, my friend. Continue reading “Cool Your Jets”

Be consistent

If there is one thing that I have learned from working in group homes over the last seven years, it is that children need consistency. This idea is the same in all areas of the child’s development but especially in regards to discipline. Your child will condition itself to follow whatever rules you put in place. When those rules are only sporadically enforced, it can create much confusion in your child. Continue reading “Be consistent”

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