Draw a line somewhere

I am not saying that we should view our children as nothing more than our subordinates that we boss around all the time. However, in order for our children to develop into responsible adults (that should be every parent’s goal), we have to maintain a decent amount of authority over them. Attempting to be their “best friend” throws all of that out the window. Continue reading “Draw a line somewhere”


5 reasons to be more submissive

What is it that keeps us from allowing ourselves to be submissive? It’s not as if there are not plenty of opportunities. We have so many areas of authority over us. You would think we would get it eventually. We all have jobs and with jobs comes bosses. We all have homes and with homes comes governments. Our kids will participate in sports and with that comes recognizing the authority of the officials. Many of us are married and with marriages comes a spouse. Even those of us who are a part of a church has church leadership that we should be submissive to. Continue reading “5 reasons to be more submissive”