12 Resources To Improve Your Writing

Being able to sit down and write at a high volume while producing a product that is both entertaining and full of quality content is an incredibly difficult task.

For the most part, this requires a combination of time, dedication, a solid grasp of the English (or whatever language you are using) language, and a creative mind that is capable of expanding its boundaries and pushing past limitations. Continue reading “12 Resources To Improve Your Writing”

10 Lessons from A Legend

I love to write. I’m not very good at it but I absolutely love it. I started blogging a few years ago in an attempt to stretch a part of myself that I felt like could be better but had not really ever put much into. The results might vary. One person has gone so far as to tell me that nobody reads my blog. Others say that they thoroughly enjoy it on a regular basis. Continue reading “10 Lessons from A Legend”

The Cure for Writer’s Block

Most of the time, I have little trouble finding something to write about. I have spent the last year sharing my thoughts on parenting and finance and mixed it into a regular cycle of stories about life in Virginia. In between these posts, I have dropped various video clips and other items that I love. This process usually flows along fairly easily. However, some days, I simply have nothing to say and cannot generate on single useful thought. I guess this is what they call writer’s block. Continue reading “The Cure for Writer’s Block”

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